Process Control Upgrade of Varian Coater

Australian National University

AVT has recently upgraded a manually controlled Varian coating system at the Australian National University to a fully automated PC controlled system. The system includes a completely customisable recipe system using Microsoft Excel, allowing users to modify excel files to create and alter their own coating recipes.

First, AVT technicians collaborated with staff at the ANU to determine the requirements and specifications which the upgraded coating system would need to meet. Complete designs for the system were created and continually modified to meet the ANU’s approval. We then went to work on the machine.

The orignal coater was stripped right down to its frame so that extra bracketing could be added to house the electrical boxes according to the design. The frame was then sand-blasted and powder coated to a colour of the customer’s choice.

The control boxes, transformers, vacuum feedthroughs and boats were then assembled into the frame. The coater was then completely reassembled to match the design.

After assembly the hardware and software were completely integrated. The system was now ready for recipe development.

The final phase saw AVT technicians supporting and guiding ANU staff in the operation of the newly upgraded system.

Design and construction

Automation Process Control design for ANU coater upgrade. vacuum

Before and After - Cryopump modifications on coating system. vacuum

Before and After - Valve modifications and manual to fully automatic control. vacuum