Mobile Oil Treatment System

Customer Requirements:

  • Circulate and purify 10,000 Litres of transformer oil at the transformer site in less than one working day (8hours).
  • Complete mobility within Queensland to reach all transformer sites using a hose no longer than 30 metres.
  • Ease of electrical and oil line connection to the transformer, reducing employee fatigue.

Hose reel for mobile oil treatment system vacuum

Identified Problems:

  • Transformers usually located at power stations are difficult to reach.
  • Long lines reduce pumping capability. Rolling long lines into a bin is extremely difficult.
  • Power lines must be heavy duty and durable.
  • Oil leaks into the trailer must be minimized and contained.

Tank inside Enervac mobile oil treatment trailer. vacuum

Enervac mobile oil treatment trailer. vacuum

AVT Solution:

    • AVT offers an Enervac oil purification system
      capable of 2000+ litres/hour
    • The system is fully self contained with a welded and sealed catch basin
    • Use a heavy duty trailer capable of carrying the system as well as all the necessary attachments
    • Manufacture a hose reel stand
    • Install a heavy duty high voltage extension cord and reel

Back of Enervac mobile oil treatment trailer with oil treatment system in view. vacuum

  • Complete training and testing at customer site

Work Accomplished:

  • Designed and built all the oil and electrical lines and installed all reels
  • Located a heavy duty trailer
  • Trailer qualified and registered in Queensland
  • All equipment installed and tested with 1000 litre dirty oil container