Booster Pump Upgrade – Coating System

Customer Requirements:

  • Improve pumping speed of the evaporation system.
  • Improve cleanliness of the system.
  • Improve maintenance time and enhance uptime.

Identified Problems:

  • Use of an old vapour booster pump for hi vac.
  • Lack of cleanliness due to not being able to clean the lines.
  • Old hi vac valves, hi maintenance requirement.
  • Vapour booster pump stationary and not easily removable.
Booster Pump Upgrade for Coating System - before photos. vacuum

AVT Solution:

Booster Pump Upgrade for Coating System - after photos. vacuum

  • Replace vapour booster pump with an Edwards mechanical booster pump
  • Manufacture custom stainless steel vac lines.
  • Manufacure a mobile pump stand with lockable wheels
  • Eliminate any vibration from pumping stack to enhance long term leak integrity through use of flex stainless vac lines
  • Build mobility for the pump and vac line, to move away from diffusion pump as one unit
  • Complete installation, testing and training at customer site

Booster Pump Upgrade for Coating System - after photos. vacuumWork Accomplished:

  • Designed and built all the vac lines in advance
  • Pump trolly designed and built in advance
  • Old plumbing removed from the system
  • Installed and tested all new components
  • System operational within 48 hours