VIC Helium Leak Detectors


1 vacuumThe most advanced sniffing helium leak detector designed specifically for industrial environments. “The Real Sniffer” utilizes VIC’s own industrial-grade helium mass spectrometer to achieve the highest sensitivity, fastest response-time, and smallest footprint.


vacuumformerly manufactured by Veeco, offers the same range of helium leak-detector models as the MS-60, but with previous-generation packaging, specifications and pricing.


vacuumUnmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use, with simple one-button power-up and fastest time-to-test. Available in a variety of ergonomically designed CE-compliant models and configurations, the MS-50 is ideal for a broad range of application-specific testing.


vacuumThe most advanced portable helium leak detector in the industry, offering highest sensitivity and fastest test-time. The MS series utilizes VIC’s own state-of-the-art dual magnetic sector helium mass spectrometer for error-free operation in a complete range of industrial, dry, and clean room models.

VIC Air Leak Testers


vacuumPerforms fast, accurate leak tests with air or nitrogen. It utilizes VIC’s ultrafast mass flow test method in which a constant pressure is maintained to the test part by a precision pressure regulator. Any leak is measured by VIC’s patented mass flow sensor – indicated via digital display. This is a low cost system, complete and ready-to-use.


vacuumeconomical, easy-to-use air leak detector. The user supplies only AC power, shop air, and connections to the test part. The system automatically performs a complete leak test and indicates part status. Housed in a small NEMA enclosure, System AT-44 is a rugged, long lasting solution to your leak test needs.


vacuumdesigned for industrial and laboratory environments, is ideally suited for high-throughput leak test applications, and it is easy to use. VIC’s patented, ultrafast thermal mass flow sensor is optimized to perform with a very low pressure, and all models can be configured in single ended or differential pressure decay versions where a pressure decay test is required.

VIC Hydrogen (H2) Sniffer

(H2) Sniffer

vacuumWith rechargeable battery, enables leak testing independent of a power supply system and connection cable. Leaks can be located in component parts even in very small spaces.