edwards-xds10-scroll-pump vacuumThe vacuum pump is an apparatus which creates low pressure (or vacuum) within a confined chamber. This technology is used for many different applications where low pressures are required for operation. For example, the most efficient method for forming semiconductors requires the use of vacuum, this is because under low pressure conditions, there are less air particles which can cause damage and decontamination to the very small scale semiconductor device during fabrication. Vacuum pumps are also used for electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, freeze drying, vacuum ovens, vacuum packing machines, CNC Routers (hold down tables), degassing systems, thin-film coating, medical/laboratory suction plants, and much more.

There are three major types of vacuum pumping technology used in vacuum pumps throughout industry and academia: positive displacement pumps, momentum transfer pumps, and entrapment pumps.

edwards-positive-displacement-pumps vacuumPositive displacement pumps

Expands a cavity inside the pump which is connected to an external system (ie a chamber), this forces air into the cavity from the chamber. The chamber is then closed off to the pump and an exhaust vent within the pump is opened to atmosphere, the pump cavity contracts expelling the air from the pump. The exhaust vent is then closed, and the connection to the chamber re-opened so that the process can be repeated, continually drawing air from the chamber. This process generates low pressure within the chamber.

Pumps that use this technique for producing vacuum include rotary vane, piston, diaphragm, screw, claw, roots, scroll, and liquid ring pumps.

edwards-turbomolecular-pumps vacuumMomentum transfer pumps

Have a mechanism which uses very high speed blades or high speed jets of fluid to force air out of the chamber creating a vacuum.

Pumps that use this technique for producing vacuum include turbo-molecular and vapour diffusion pumps.

cti-cryopump vacuum

Entrapment pumps

Condense gas molecules to an adsorbed or solid state to create a vacuum.

Pumps that use this technique for producing vacuum include chemical and cryopumps.

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