1 vacuumIn some circumstances where oil filled rotary vane pumps cannot be used, dry running (Oil-free) vacuum pumps are the alternative.

In the case that gases have to be pumped, which would contaminate the oil of a rotary vane pump, but the same pumping speed and ultimate vacuum is required, the alternative to the RV5 (EDWARDS 5 m3/h) vacuum pump would be the oil-less XDS5 Scroll pump.

XDS pumps are dry running, easy to use and easily maintainable quiet running pumps. This makes the XDS ideal for laboratory use.

2 vacuumFor applications which require a very small dry pump with low pumping speed there are different diaphragm pumps available. These are dry running and are available in different sizes and configurations.

3 vacuumIf a larger pumping speed is required where the costs of oil changes due to e.g. water vapor in the oil of a standard rotary vane or piston pump are an issue, we can help. For these applications there are dry running claw type or screw type pumps available with pumping speeds from 80 m3/h up to 20,000 m3/h.

The qualified personal at AVT Services will help you find the right pump for the right application.Contact us for more information on oil-free (dry) vacuum pumps.