On-Board® IS Cryopump Systems

The Brooks CTI-Cryogenics intelligent On-Board IS cryopump systems leverage innovative high-efficiency cryogenics technology to provide unparalleled vacuum performance and energy efficiency. A patented distributed control system monitors and constantly adjusts individual elements of the cryopump system to maintain optimal system-wide vacuum performance for exceptional process consistency.

On-Board IS cryopumps deliver highest uptime, best productivity, and lowest overall cost of ownership of any cryopump systems available today, backed by the Brooks highly responsive global service and support network.

Data Sheets

Key Features

  • Patented distributed control system monitors and constantly adjusts individual elements of the cryopump system to maintain optimal system-wide vacuum performance, delivering exceptional process consistency
  • Quickest regenerations in single and multi-pump configurations
  • Low consumption of energy and cooling water with no compromise in vacuum performance
  • Easy system integration
  • Fast production installation
  • Enhanced remote monitoring for both preventive and predictive maintenance

On-Board® Cryopumps

The Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board cryogenic vacuum pumps speed integration and improve system operation is the world standard for reliability and performance. Delivering superior up-time, On-Board cryopumps and consistent performance, with fully integrated controls and supporting peripherals, deliver superior up-time to increase overall tool productivity and up-time.

Key Features

  • Fast Regen™ capability that extends cryopump performance between regenerations
  • Simultaneous regeneration capability, enabled by networking your cryopumps, that speeds overall system regeneration
  • An  embedded microprocessor control to enhance performance, perform diagnostic routines and provide communication capability
  • Sophisticated software and easy-to-use graphical user interfaces to significantly improve performance and operation

Cryo-Torr® Cryopumps

Brooks CTI-Cryogenics Cryo-Torr Cryopumps provide clean, reliable, high-speed pumping for critical vacuum process applications. For added flexibility, you can add your own customized controls and supporting peripherals to meet your specific application needs. Providing low operating costs and fast, easy maintenance, these cryopumps deliver high reliability and bottom-line performance backed by responsive service you can count on.




On-Board® Waterpumps

On-Board® Waterpumps

The Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board Waterpumps are high-performance vacuum pumps that increase water vapor pumping speeds to substantially improve system throughput and provide better process results.  Available in several configurations and sizes to fit any application, these waterpumps provide the process flexibility, advanced productivity, and field-proven reliability today’s manufacturers expect and demand.


Key Features

  • 50% to 75% reduction in time to base pressure
  • Higher yields through reduced vapor presence and lower contamination Temperature control for selective water vapor pumping with no gate valve required
  • Low cost installation and operation
  • Ability to locate the compressor remotely with no cold refrigerant lines
  • CTI Cryogenics’ cyrocooling technology that has been proven clean and reliable in demanding applications for more than 20 years
  • Advanced On-Board control system for process optimization and monitoring, predictive maintenance, networked pump management, and ease of use
  • Compatibility with other On-Board pumps including common user interface, compressor, and communications protocol


Brooks CTI-Cryogenics offers a choice of compressors designed to provide optimum performance with On-Board Cryopumps, Cryo-Torr Cryopumps and/or On-Board Waterpumps. An integrated cryopump power frequency converter assures maximum cryopump performance in both 50 and 60 Hz applications for all Brooks vacuum pumps.

IS-2000V Data Sheet

Available Models

  • 8200 Compressor – Designed to provide optimum performance with On-Board Cryopumps, On-Board Waterpumps and Cryo-Torr Cryopumps, this compressor supports all pumps up to eight inches in size. Because the 8200 is designed for flexibility, you can locate the compressor wherever it is most convenient for your system operation.
  • 9600 Compressor – Designed expressly for long usable life, high reliability, and ease of use, this compressor provides outstanding performance with all Cryo-Torr Cryopumps, On-Board Cryopumps, On-Board Waterpumps, and On-Board TurboPlus Vacuum Pumps. The 9600 supports both single- and grouped-pump configurations and it is compatible with CTI-Cryogenics pumping installations worldwide.
  • 9700A Compressor – With increased helium output, the 9700A Compressor is ideal for operating multiple cryopumps. In many multiple cryopump and waterpump applications, one 9700A Compressor provides a single compressor solution. The 9700A Compressor, which reduces power consumption, water distribution and footprint when compared to multiple compressor applications, is compatible with Cryo-Torr® and On-Board® Cryopumps.
  • IS-1000 Compressor – Intelligent, high efficiency compressor technology for On-Board IS Cryopumps.  The IS-1000 Compressor will support up to six On-Board IS-8F Cryopumps in the same footprint as a 9600 Compressor.
  • IS-2000V Compressor – Delivers lowest power usage at all phases of operation via the combination of higher pressure, rotary technology and adaptable helium delivery aligning with SEMI S-23 objectives. The IS-2000V replaces two On-Board IS-1000 compressors.  This high capacity helium compressor is designed to support On-Board IS Cryopump applications.

An integrated cryopump power frequency converter assures maximum cryopump performance in both 50 and 60 Hz applications for all Brooks vacuum pumps.