Edwards Ion Gauge Controller (IGC)

vacuumThe Ion Gauge Controller (IGC) from Edwards provides all the necessary power, control functionality and signal conditioning needed to operate and control one or two ion gauge heads. The IGC can be linked up to a process control system such as a PLC to give the system builder or OEM direct access to control gauge inputs and output signals.

Edwards Active Digital Controller (ADC)

active-digital-controller vacuumThe Active Digital Controller (ADC) from Edwards is a compact single gauge controller with a display screen. It features simple push-button controls and a bright LED display. The ADC automatically detects and recognises compatible Edwards gauges, loads the respective look-up table and displays on the screen the pressure in commonly used vacuum/pressure units. The ADC models include standard and enhanced versions. The enhanced version can support two similar gauges and comes with more control and measurement features.

Edwards 1575 Pressure Display

1575-pressure-display vacuumThe Model 1575 Pressure Display from Edwards is a low cost, microprocessor based, set-point controller and digital display for the Barocel 600, 622 and 655 capacitance manometers. The 1575 provides power supply, digital LED display and four set-points which are user-selectable. It also includes optional RS232 outputs.

Edwards TIC Instrument Controller

tic-instrument-controller vacuumThe range TIC Instrument Controllers from Edwards are compact bench or shelf mounted controllers with a large and easy to read graphical display, featuring an intuitive user interface. The TIC communicated to its devices by a serial port connection. It allows full remote control and data logging functionality via a Windows™ based PC program. The TIC supports and recognises up to six gauges from the Edwards range, the gauges are recognised automatically so the TIC is “plug-and-play”.