multitraps1 vacuumProtect against extrusion byproducts

A line of high capacity, vacuum inlet traps that protect pumps used in extrusion processes from corrosive vapors and binder materials which can condense and accumulate, resulting in the need for frequent maintenance and pump failure, is available from MV Products of No. Billerica, Massachusetts.

mvlogocolor vacuumMV Multi-Trap® Vacuum Inlet Traps feature a modular design that condenses, collects, absorbs and neutralizes high volumes of byproducts from extrusion processes to prevent vacuum pump contamination and failure. Providing four stages in one package, these vacuum pump inlet traps have a solid knockdown shield, cooling option to facilitate removing condensable materials, and two stages of user-customizable filter elements to match process requirements.

Available in 10”, 12”, and 16” dia. models for handling vacuum pump capac-ities up to 2,000 CFM, MV Multi-Trap® Vacuum Inlet Traps are available with activated alumina or charcoal filter elements for vapors, Sodasorb®, and other specialized elements. Where necessary, drains and float switches for the automatic disposal of volatile compounds can be provided.

Quotations are available upon request for various MV Multi-Trap® Vacuum Inlet Traps, Contact us for more information