Ronkonkoma, N.Y., December 1 — Vacuum Instrument Corp., a world leader in the leak detection industry, today introduced a new series of helium mass spectrometer leak detectors for testing the integrity of systems, containers and parts by using helium as a tracer gas. The new MS-60 is available with a standard 7 cfm or a 10.6 cfm rotary vane foreline/roughing pump for faster cycle times

MS60 vacuumThe MS-60 Series leak detectors allow for greater access to superior system intelligence with a push of a button to accurately locate and measure leaks in objects, such as power plant condensers, food packaging, automobile air bags, and medical devices. These products are designed to meet the needs of industrial processing, parts manufacturing, and general research applications. They offer portability and high performance specifications to find costly and inefficient leaks in equipment from compressors and refrigeration parts to nuclear reactors and power distribution plants. Also, the MS Series simplifies daily operation, minimizes operator error, and maximizes throughput and efficiency for semiconductor and small parts manufacturers, who use the detectors to check hermetic packaging, automotive parts, refrigeration circuits, and numerous other products.

The new MS-60 series is the most advanced portable helium leak detector in the industry, offering highest sensitivity and fastest test-time. The MS series utilizes VIC’s own state-of-the-art dual magnetic sector helium mass spectrometer for error-free operation.


Special features of the MS-60 Leak Detector include:


  • Standard 7 cfm rotary vane foreline/roughing pump for faster cycle times; optional 10.6 cfm for large volume parts under test
  • AZ3 provides 3 modes of advanced auto-zero capability for faster, more accurate testing
  • Sensitivity 5×10-12 atm-cc/sec — the most sensitive portable available today
  • Password security protects against tampering and changing of set points
  • 2 tungsten filaments for longer life
  • Internal or external calibration flexibility
  • Digital input/digital output
  • Fully automatic for ease of use
  • 3 modes of vacuum operation: gross, rough and fine
  • Simple one-button start-up


Rod Sano VIC – Marketing

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