Protect small vacuum pump usersmvlogocolor vacuum

A full line of vacuum pump oil mist eliminators for protecting people in laboratories, hospitals, and small industrial applications with no external venting is available from MV Products of No. Billerica, Massachusetts.

MV Products’ Oil Mist Eliminators protect users of small vacuum pumps by removing oil vapor from the vacuum pump’s exhaust before it can be inhaled by people and settle onto furniture, walls, and instruments. Creating a safer and cleaner work environment, they use replaceable one micron micro-fiberglass coalescing filter elements that provide 99.9999% efficiency.

Featuring the VisiMist® (clear housing) and Midi-Mist® 4” dia. that use one filter, the Midi-Mist® 8” which has three filters, and Maxi-Mist® 10 which has five, MV Products’ Oil Mist Eliminators are offered in sizes for pumps up to 300 CFM and can also be configured to recover or re-circulate costly pump fluids. Larger sizes are available for externally vented systems.

Literature for Oil Mist Eliminators is available upon request.

For more information visit the Mass Vac website.