Telstar-logo-big vacuumImprovements in the process of Freeze drying and of the equipment to carry it out have been a continuous challenge since Telstar’s very beginnings. The design of units for efficient drying under as aseptic conditions as possible has led to the development of specific equipment solutions for use in laboratory and industrial applications.

With more than 45 years experience in this field, Telstar has become specialised in the design and production of GMP equipment for the industrial sector and GLP equipment for the laboratory area. That is why the design of equipment is focused on strict compliance with current legislation and the trends established by the most demanding customers.

This has led to improvements in the laboratory equipment through a fundamental increase in process understanding.

As far as industrial freeze drying is concerned, the weight of innovation has centred on process control, sterility and product loading and unloading automation aspects.

Future challenges will soon lead to intelligent systems with self-adjusting process control, nucleation control for the freezing phase and a diverse range of innovations to solve customer’s future needs.

Laboratory Freeze Dryers

TELSTAR laboratory freeze dryers are specially designed for meeting research and development phase freeze drying requirements in the increasingly demanding R&D centres in industry and academia.

All Telstar laboratory freeze dryers are designed according to GLP principles to comply with the strictest international standards.

The laboratory freeze dryer range covers from small table-top units to sophisticated pilot equipment.

All Telstar freeze drying units are designed and constructed in accordance with the strictest international standards and a scrupulous test process is performed before dispatch to the customer. The quality of Telstar equipment plus a commitment to provide the best possible technical service, make TELSTAR a leader in the field of laboratory freeze dryers.

Moreover, Telstar’s experience in the freeze drying field, through an established in-house freeze drying laboratory, guarantees customers not only the choice of the most suitable unit but also expert advice on how it should be used.

Please do not hesitate to contact Telstar for process development advice.

Telstar CryoDos Freeze Dryer vacuum

The Cryodos range of laboratory freeze dryers are specially designed for research and development of new freeze dried products or formulations …
Telstar LyoAlfa Freeze Dryer vacuum

The LyoAlfa laboratory freeze dryers are particularly suitable for research centres requiring greater freeze drying capacity …
Telstar LyoBeta Freeze Dryer vacuum

The LyoBeta is a freeze drying unit designed for biological, pharmaceutical and food product formulation and “scale up” work, …
Telstar LyoQuest Freeze Dryer vacuum

The LyoQuest laboratory freeze dryers are designed to be a multipurpose unit in the research and development field. It is a small freeze dryer.


LyoQuest Introduction

The LyoQuest laboratory freeze dryers are designed to be a multipurpose unit in the research and development field. It is a small freeze dryer, more compact than most but in spite of its small size has an unbeatable capacity. A state-of-the-art control system and a range of specially designed accessories make the LyoQuest a benchmark in its category.


  • The unit’s design offers the best performance in the least possible space. Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 420x580x400 mm.
  • Unit suitable for laboratories: compact and easy to install.
  • Technical reliability and excellent performance: 8.7 kg condenser capacity.
  • Flexible to use, with the optional capability of freezing the sample inside the unit. Option for adapter manifolds. Option for connection of different types of chambers.
  • Robustness: solidly designed laboratory equipment. On a functional level cooling management ensures optimum performance. Easy to clean. Chamber in AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Reliable operation: control system fully re-engineered with new options.
  • Flexible use: with a touch screen user interface.
  • Possibility to save the work carried out and to export data to other platforms (Excel) with the LyoLogger data acquisition software. The LyoQuest laboratory freeze dryer comes in 2 configurations:
  • LyoQuest 6 -50, with a final condenser temperature of -55 ºC.
  • LyoQuest 6 -80, with a final condenser temperature of -85 ºC, allowing a higher freeze drying speed and much more suitable for working with biological samples or products with very low eutectic or collapse points. The unit comes with a two-stage vacuum pump located outside.