MTI Corp also offers the most complete line of thermal processing electric furnaces ranging from 1100’C to 2000’C, Multiple Heating Zones, along with PID programmable controller(s), and a wide selection of chamber size options. As well as large selection of consumables and replacement parts in-stock for immediate delivery and are always low prices!

3 Targets Rotary Compact Plasma Sputter Coater

VTC163HD vacuumVTC-16-3HD

Compact plasma sputter coater, with heater & touch screen digital controller.

  • 500’C Heater Temperature
  • 1600VDC Output
  • 50mm Diameter Sample Stage


Multi-function Film Coater w/ Turbo Pump

31coater2.1 vacuumGSL-1800X-SBC2

Floor standing coater that can be utilized for Thermal Evaporation, Carbon Coating, and Plasma Sputter Coating.

  • High Speed Turbomolecular Pump 
  • 3000VDC Output
  • 1800’C max. Temp. by Tungsten Wire Resistance Heater


Mini Single Target Plasma Sputter Coater

ffgg44 vacuumGSL-1100X-SPC12

Compact design, great for metallic coating of Gold, Platinum, Silver, and etc.

  • 40mm Diameter Stage
  • 100x130mm Fused Chamber
  • 2-Stage Vacuum Pump Included


Pressure Adjustable Electric Crimper: Battery R&D

MSKE110MIAN vacuumMSK-E110

The compact crimper can be used to crimp CR2016, CR2025, & CR2032 right out of the box.

  • 1200kg max. Pressure
  • Die Set Options for CR2450
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Steel Platform


Auto Roll-to-roll Rolling Press System: Battery R&D

MSK2301A1 vacuumMSK-E2300B

Automatic rolling press system with precision digital pressure control, and footprint less than 6 x 6 ft..

  • Adjustable Pressure
  • 300mm max. Sample Width
  • 0.050 – 1 mm Thickness Adjustable


1200'C Split Furnace w/ 100mm Quartz Tube

7 vacuumOTF-1200X-100

Great for Graphene and Flexible Electrode application.

  • 1200’C max. Temperature
  • 440mm Total Heating Zone
  • 30 Segments PID Temp. Controller


Extra Long 3-Zone 1200'C Split Furnace

OTF-1200X-5-IIIOTF1200III4 vacuum

Unique split furnace design for access convenient, and multi-zone to enable different thermal gradient.

  • 1200’C max. Temperature
  • 900mm Total Heating Zone
  • 3 Heating Zones w/ Independent Controllers


1500'C Split Furnace w/ Mullite Tube

GSL1500XOTFmain.2.1 vacuumOTF-1500X-4

High temperature split furnace with SiC heating element, and available with tube OD of 2″, 3″, or 4″.

  • 1500’C max. Temperature
  • 300mm Total Heating Zone
  • 30 Segments PID Temp. Controller


1800'C Vacuum and Atmosphere Tube Furnace

GSL1800X60 vacuum

Bench-top high temperature furnace with Kathal Super-1900’C Grade MoSI2 heating element.

  • 1800’C max. Temperature
  • 457mm Total Heating Zone
  • 30 Segments PID Temp Controller


Consumables & Replacement Parts