Introducing GV110 Dry Vacuum Pump by Edwards

GV110 Edwards Dry Vacuum Pump vacuum
  • Based on the same well established technology
    • Building on the GV80 concept as a premium option
  • Premium advantages in key areas:
    • Increased peak speed and pump down times
    • Better ultimate vacuum performance
    • Optimised cooling to reduce operating costs
    • New acoustic enclosure with a modernised design

GV110 Premium Features

  • Inverter driven for improved performance independent of supply frequency
    • Increased peak speed to 110m3/hr for faster pump down times
    • Faster rotor speed gives better ultimate vacuum performance of 6 x 10-3 mbar.
    • Reduced power across the pressure range
  • Optimised cooling
    • Temperatures can be maintained at higher rotor speeds with lower cooling water flow
  • New acoustic enclosure
    • Sleek modern design
    • Reduces the noise level to <74 dB(A) even with added performance