AVT Services for many years have been the go to company when it comes to servicing Liquid Nitrogen storage vessels.

The importance of a good vacuum in the annulus of a cryogenic storage vessel cannot be overstated although it is quite difficult to spot when there is a problem. A loss of vacuum can be very small and caused by a leak through the evacuation port O-rings, vacuum burst disc or deterioration. This is caused by outgassing in the vacuum interspace. This may not be seen directly as cold, wet or ice on the exterior of the vessel, but your evaporation rate as increased along with your liquid nitrogen bill! Put a freeze on your liquid nitrogen bills by keeping the vessel in good working condition.

AVT Services will carry out a full inspection and service of your storage vessel including re-evacuation to <10-4mbar, Helium leak detection, burst disc repairs and exterior cleaning. The service is then complemented with a comprehensive report detailing before and after vacuum pressure levels and all work completed. Feel free to contact us if you require further information.