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VIC Leak Detection vacuum
Vacuum Instrument Corporation (VIC) manufactures, services and supports • complete and comprehensive turnkey leak detection machinery • the industry-standard leak detection instruments which propel those machines • the sensors that propel those leak-test systems, and • the fixtures, components, gas handling systems, gas recovery systems and specialised equipment that complete each turnkey installation. Everything you require in Leak Detection from one dependable organisation, and this is what VIC has been doing for over five decades.

From opto-electronic devices, auto parts and 55-gallon drums to space suits and nuclear containment vessels, VIC has been developing and manufacturing leak detection systems, machines, and accessories to meet your needs for production rate, product size, leak tolerance, utilizing techniques ranging from mass flow, pressure decay and differential pressure to mass spectrometry, high-sensitivity, and ultra high-sensitivity atmospheric testing which do not need vacuum fittings and accessories.

Customized for our customers. Only VIC Leak Detection can offer a complete leak detection solution efficiently based upon industry-standard constituents manufactured by the same company: Vacuum Instrument Corporation.

The Real Sniffer™

The Real Sniffer™ is the most advanced industrial helium leak detector, featuring the highest sensitivity, fastest response time and smallest footprint. Also features pushbutton helium background suppression, maintenance-free dry pump, fully interactive diagnostics and a total start-up time of less than 3 minutes. Complete with standard probe, built-in calibrated leak and fully automatic calibration. Optional remote display and vibrating probe for noisy industrial environments.

Smart Charge III™

Fully automatic, custom configurable gas back-fill and evacuation systems with built-in gross leak test that may be used to precharge your products with gas for leak detection—or for any gas-charging application that requires evacuation and subsequent pressurization of the test product.

The Real Sniffer and Smart Charge 3 Helium Leak Detectors vacuum

AVT Services have sales technicians who understand, and who can provide technical advice for VIC Leak testing systems for various applications.