Fittings, Flanges, Valves, Viewports, Gauges and Accessories


MDC Vacuum Products LLC is the primary supplier to wafer processing and flat panel display OEM’s worldwide.

MDC’s extensive line of high and ultrahigh vacuum components and accessories is detailed on their technically based website, as well as in their new 528-page catalog.

Established in 1976, superior product quality and service have made MDC the world class manufacturer of components and special solutions vacuum technology. MDC keeps stocked thousands of off-the-shelf components and provides the widest product range of vacuum components of any manufacturer in the industry. The MDC products includes fittings, valves, flanges, glass sapphire and quartz viewports, roughing hardware, vacuum gauge tubes, electrical and fluid feedthroughs, motion and manipulation instruments, surface science chambers, thin film electron-beam evaporation systems and more

MDC Vacuum Flange vacuumMDC meets ISO 9001:2000 standards and offers engineering and manufacturing expertise for customized vacuum component solutions. For the latest innovations in vacuum component technology, visit the MDC website.

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