CTI-Cryogenics, a division of Brooks Automation, is the global leader in cryogenic high-vacuum technology. CTI builds a broad array of cryogenic compressors, pumps (cryopumps) and cryogenic systems designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability and productivity. From our single cryopumps used in a spectrum of high-technology research applications to our sophisticated cryopump systems used in the manufacture of semiconductor, data storage, flat panel, and optical devices,CTI-Cryogenics sets the world standard for cryogenic high-vacuum technology.

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CTI Helix Cryopumps provide clean, reliable, high speed pumping for critical vacuum process applications. They are dependable, with fast, easy maintenance, low operating cost, and reliable customer support — wherever you need it.

AVT are exceptionally experienced in Cryogenic pumps and pumping systems and can provide optimal service and advice for just about any system in any area.

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