Freeze Dryers for Life Sciences Laboratories


TELSTAR laboratory freeze dryers are specifically designed for complying with the research and development phase freeze drying specifications in the increasingly demanding R&D centres in industry and academia.

All laboratory freeze dryers from Telstar are designed and manufactured according to GLP principles to meet the most stringent international standards.

Telstar’s laboratory freeze dryers range from small table-top units to sophisticated pilot equipment.

All Telstar freeze drying units undergo a scrupulous testing process before they are dispatched to the customer. The high caliber of Telstar freeze drying equipment, plus a commitment to provide the best possible technical service, make TELSTAR a leader in the field of laboratory freeze dryers.

Moreover, through Telstar’s experience in the freeze drying field, using an established in-house freeze drying laboratory, they guarantee customers not only the choice of the most suitable unit but also expert advice on how to achieve optimal operation standards.