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Advanced plasma processing equipment

Plasma-Therm LLC is an established leading provider of advanced plasma processing equipment for the semiconductor industry and related specialty markets.

Our plasma etch and thin film deposition systems are used both in research and development and high volume production in applications for solid state lighting, wireless, MEMS, data storage, renewable energy, nanotechnology, photomask and photonics.

Our systems, which include inductively coupled plasma (ICP), reactive ion etching (RIE), deep silicon etching (DSE), plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) and high density plasma chemical vapor deposition (HDPCVD), provide critical process steps in the fabrication of devices found in these markets

The flexibility and modularity of our flagship product, the VERSALINE, has made it a cost efficient platform for a wide range of applications. Leading device manufacturers are using Plasma-Therm technology and systems to produce key components for diverse and well known products such as cell phones, hard disk drives and LED lighting. Our Mask

Plasma-Therm versalock vacuum

Etcher series of systems for photomask production is a cornerstone for the integrated circuit industry by exceeding technology roadmap milestones for over 15 years.

A leadership position in multiple markets is secured with more than 35 years of focus on customer support, innovation, reliability and low cost of ownership. We meet the demands of rapidly changing technology and high productivity in manufacturing environments. Demonstrated production expertise combined with a
strong presence at major research institutes and facilities results in a large installed base and secures Plasma-Therm’s reputation as a preferred supplier of process equipment.