Mass Vac Inc is industry-standard source for new and used vacuum equipment, vacuum pump fluids, and vacuum components. We carry a complete line of vacuum inlet trapsexhaust traps, and oil filtration systems. Our signature product line, the MV MULTI-TRAP® provides unparalleled protection for pumps and exhaust lines.

Features of the range

  • Two stage
  • Ultimate Vacuum 4 X 10 -2 Pa
  • Noise level < 62dB
  • Range of Sizes from 2 m3/hr to 65 m3/hr
  • 18 month warranty
  • Fixed price servicing.
  • Comes with an ultimate generated test curve to ensure you receive a quality pump.

The majority of manufacturers now have their complete pumps or at least components manufactured in China and the Chinese have learned how to make a quality product, coupled with ultimate vacuum pump quality requirements, so much so, that ultimate can offer an 18 month warranty.

Why Buy an Ultimate Pump?

  • Ultimate vacuum pumps are backed by our nationwide guarantee.
  • 33% of the price of similar pumps from traditional brands
  • Local service and support by our factory trained service personal.
  • Fixed price servicing

So…………. , why waste money. Call today for a quotation and details on an ULTIMATE Vacuum pump.

Ultimate Vacuum Pumps, Ultimate saving