Vacuum Measurement Instrumentation

Granville-Phillips vacuum measurement solutions to meet a variety of application requirements and vacuum measurement ranges. Gauges, electronics, modular vacuum products, and tailored solutions provide the flexibility, superior reliability, and precise performance.

If accuracy, stability and dependability are crucial to the quality and productivity of your vacuum processes, Granville-Phillips is your first choice for vacuum gauge systems.

Granville Phillips - Combination Gauges Modules vacuum

Combination Gauges Modules

Micro-Ion® family of modules extends measurement range from high vacuum to atmosphere with one module.

  • Precision differential pressure measurement at atmosphere
  • Measures from atmosphere to 1×10-9 Torr (1×10-7 Pa)
  • Local set up and operation flexibility for individual applications
  • Set point relays can be used to control other vacuum system components
  • Improves system set up time and diagnostiics with optional local display

Granville Phillips - Ionization Gauge Modules vacuum

Ionization Gauge Modules

Stabil-Ion® Modules and Micro-Ion Modules combine ionisation gauges with control electronics in a compact cost saving package.

  • Gain the stability and gauge to gauge reproducibility of a Stabil-Ion gauge in a modular configuration
  • Micro-Ion Modules offer the world’s smallest all-metal ion gauge in a modular design
  • Measure from high vacuum, 1×10-10 Torr to 1×10-2 Torr using a modular approach
  • Select from a range of outputs and gauge options

Granville Phillips - Convectron® Gauge Modules vacuum

Convectron® Gauge Modules

Combines the industry standard Convectron gauge with electronics in a compact modular design.

  • Measures from atmosphere to 1×10-3 Torr (1×10-1 Pa)
  • Basic models come with one or two setpoint relays, enabling you to use them as a pressure switch
  • Easy-to-read three-digit displays allows pressure readings as point-of-use
  • All-metal package is virtually immune to RF interference

Granville Phillips - Stabil-Ion® and Micro-Ion® Rack mount Systems vacuum

Stabil-Ion® and Micro-Ion® Rack-mount Systems

All-metal Stabil-Ion and Micro-Ion gauges operated with these rackmount controllers provide unmatched ionisation gauge performance.

  • Stabil-Ion gauges deliver the long-term performance of a spinning rotor gauge at a fraction of the cost using calibration on a chip
  • Series 370 Stabil-Ion gauge controller will operate up to two Stabil-Ion gauges and two Convectron gauges
  • Series 358 Micro-Ion controller operates one Micro-Ion gauge and up to two Convectrons
  • Both controllers are configurable with a selection of communication options, relay configuration and Convectron options

Granville Phillips - Glass and Nude Bayard-Alpert Gauge Rackmount Controllers vacuum

Glass and Nude Bayard-Alpert Gauge Rack-mount Controllers

Granville-Phillips offers a number of rackmount controllers capable of operating conventional glass and nude Bayard-Alpert gauges.

  • Controllers available in UHV and non-UHV configurations
  • Output communication options include RS-232, RS-485 and IEEE-488
  • Heat loss sensor options include both Convectron and thermocouples
  • Control other vacuum system components with relay output options with up to six relays

Granville Phillips - Convectron Gauge DIN Mount Controller vacuum

Convectron Gauge DIN Mount Controller

Delivers the full capabilities of the industry standard Convectron gauge.

  • ROHS compliant
  • Monitors vacuum system performance from atmosphere to 10-4 Torr (10-2 Pa)
  • Space saving 1/8 DIN panel-mount package
  • Preinstallation calibration not required; controllers and gauges are interchangeable
  • Front panel push-button controls enable fast, easy calibration