Apiezon High Vacuum Grease, Wax, Oil and Sealants

M&I Materials is the sole manufacturer of Apiezon, the well-known range of specialist sealants and silicone-free lubricants designed for the vacuum industry. The team responsible for Apiezon focus exclusively on providing quality products which are carefully formulated to give the optimum performance for the operating environment. Apiezon High Vacuum grease, wax, seals and oils are renowned the world over in the vacuum industry.

As well as complying with all the latest ISO standards, Apiezon products have a long and impressive track record of reliability and are used by NASA, NATO, the European Space Agency, US & UK Military, and Edwards Vacuum among many other OEMs and other users.

Apiezon AP100 and AP101 high vacuum greases vacuum

Reliability in the performance of Apiezon products is obtained by meticulous control of the production process, selection of the highest-quality raw materials, constant process monitoring and continuous product testing. M&I Materials carries out testing in purpose built laboratories and full traceability of test results is available.

Consistent, superior quality of Apiezon products ensures exceptional technical performance and longer service life. This allows the user the benefits of less frequent maintenance, shorter down times, freedom from contamination and ease of use.

Vacuum Grease

Apiezon L Grease Ultra High Vacuum Grease Silicone Free Halogen Free
Apiezon M Grease High Vacuum Grease Silicone Free Halogen Free
Apiezon N Grease Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease Silicone Free Halogen Free
Apiezon T Grease Medium Temperature Vacuum Grease Silicone Free Contains Halogen
Apiezon H Grease High Temperature Vacuum Grease Silicone Free Contains Halogen
Apiezon AP101 Anti Seize Vacuum Grease Silicone Free Contains Halogen
Apiezon AP100 Ultra High Vacuum Lubricating Grease Silicone Free Contains Halogen

Apiezon AP100, AP101, M and N high vacuum greases vacuum

The Apiezon family of greases provides solutions for a wide spectrum of temperatures and applications. The range includes vacuum grease specially formulated for use in cryogenic applications. All Apiezon products aresilicone-free and highly creep resistant, reducing the chance of grease travelling away from the area of application and contaminating adjacent surfaces.

Apiezon greases have the additional benefit of a powerful gettering action which gives rise to strong absorption properties. These greases are easy to apply and remove, have a ten year shelf life and boast a long and successful track record including use by NASA, NATO, US & UK Military.


Vacuum Wax and compounds

Apiezon Wax W Hard Vacuum Sealing / Mounting Wax
Apiezon Wax W100 Softer Vacuum Sealing / Mounting Wax
Apiezon Wax W40 Softest Vacuum Sealing / Mounting Wax
Apiezon Q Compound Vacuum Sealing Compound

Apiezon W, W100, W40 and compounds vacuum

The Apiezon range consists of three different waxes and includes the popular Wax W, better known to many as ‘Black Wax’. The waxes can be used as vacuum sealant, mounting wax or resistance to etch fluid. Available alongside these waxes is Apiezon Q Compound, a multipurpose sealant used in a number of industries.

All products in the Apiezon range of waxes and compounds offer high purity combined with powerful ‘gettering’ and clean meltdown properties. The products are easy to use and remove, resistant to etch fluid and perform as excellent waterproof mediums with first-rate vapour pressure characteristics.


Vacuum Oil

Apiezon J Oil Sealing Oil
Apiezon K Oil Sealing Oil

Apiezon oil vacuum

M&I Materials is the sole manufacturer of Apiezon vacuum oils which are known around the globe for their superior quality and stability. Their range includes sealing oils Apiezon J and Apiezon K, which are used in situations where moderate viscosity and low vapour pressure are required.

Apiezon oils offer high stability in combination with low vapour pressure. These specialist oils do not give rise to insulating films and they leave no corrosive deposits or vapours.