World Leader in Magnetron Sputtering Technology

Angstrom Sciences

Angstrom Sciences was founded in 1988 by Mark A. Bernick with a mission to supply sophisticated magnetrons and high-purity materials for Physical Vapor Deposition of thin films. Since then, the superior performance and reliability of these technically advanced magnetrons have led to worldwide market acceptance.

Better Technology

Angstrom Sciences’ magnetrons have been enthusiastically received in a wide variety of R&D and production applications. This is because our patented profiled magnet technology and turbulent water flow design combine to provide the performance characteristics our customers seek.

More Options

One of the outstanding advantages of our technology lies in its scalability. We supply state-of-the-art circular magnetrons, linear magnetrons, and cylindrical magnetrons in the widest range of sizes in the industry. Magnetic variations, design options, and accessories to optimize your application are limitless, so custom magnetrons are also available.