AVT’s Projects

Automated Vacuum Dryer System

A leading manufacturer of vitamins required a process to dry their new product using heat and vacuum in a controlled way. AVT Services carried out a worldwide search for suitable equipment like Automated Vacuum Dryer System. This system was imported from the United States and shipped to AVT’s workshop where the unit was refurbished, and new equipment installed:

  • Vacuum pump and booster
  • Refrigerated water chiller
  • Control system automation
  • Electrical upgrade to 415v and AS3000 compliance
  • Shelf Heating system


Consultation with the customer in terms of size and volume together with the required recipe information to automate the process. The system is designed to maintain shelf temperature to +- 0.5degC and control the vacuum rate of decent to a pre-set vacuum level and hold the vacuum level whilst the system outgasses.  Extensive testing was carried out with the customer in our workshop to ensure the customer was completely satisfied with the product. The system was delivered on time and in budget.

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