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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair

Saving Money with AVT Services Vacuum Pump Repair All too often the rotary vane vacuum pump (which is the heart of most vacuum systems), gets neglected and causes a failure of your system, generally when it is needed most. AVT Services has the most capable and experienced team of repair technicians in Australia, which is [...]

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair2019-04-07T16:13:39+10:00

Freeze Your Liquid Nitrogen Bills

AVT Services for many years have been the go to company when it comes to servicing Liquid Nitrogen storage vessels. The importance of a good vacuum in the annulus of a cryogenic storage vessel cannot be overstated although it is quite difficult to spot when there is a problem. A loss of vacuum [...]

Freeze Your Liquid Nitrogen Bills2019-04-08T16:47:00+10:00

Battery Research by MTI Corporation

New Equipment introduced for Battery Research by MTI Corporation MTI Corporation has introduced the EQ-BGP-R8-D Multi-Vessel Rotary Reactor Up to 250°C For Hydro-thermal Mixing & Milling within its ever growing range of new equipment available for Battery and Laboratory Research. The EQ-BGP-R8-D  is a multi-vessel rotary mixer in built within an oven capable of [...]

Battery Research by MTI Corporation2019-04-08T07:48:44+10:00
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