Aeration with Overpressure

Where are overpressure aeration systems employed?
Overpressure aeration systems offer an economical, efficient and reliable way of supplying air to fish in breeding tanks. Similar aeration systems can be used to provide air, respectively oxygen e.g. to bacteria in biofilters and sludge tanks.

Which vacuum types are particularly suitable for over pressure aeration applications?
Rotary lobe blower and side channel blowers are perfect for fish farm and bio filter applications, as they have a proven reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Claw compressors are the best choice for sludge tank aeration. They use the claw technology principle, which offers the most economical and reliable solution available for bacterial air supply.
The air is compressed without operating fluids and so runs virtually maintenance-free.

Our project engineers would be pleased to assist you in the selection of a suitable system.

Examples for the use of vacuum over pressure technology in aeration:

  1. Aeration of Fish Tanks – In fish farming facilities
  2. Aeration of Sludge Tanks – Waste water treatment
  3. Aeration of Biofilters – In fish farming facilities